The Rice Center was originally created as a program of The Boston Institute for Psychotherapy, Inc. (BIP), a non-profit organization dedicated to professional training, mental health treatment, and public education. The organization was founded approximately 43 years ago and had been sustained by mental health professionals who endorse psychodynamic and psychoanalytic principles of practice and growth, providing affordable and comprehensive mental health services.   It was in this spirit, that The Rice Center program was developed to address the complex and diverse needs of children 0-5 years of age and their families. The Rice Center was named in memory of Cathy, Benjamin and Ryan Rice.

The Rice Center began as a Maternal-Infant Training program almost two decades ago. Approximately 13 years ago, the program broadened its focus to provide clinical services to meet the needs of individuals in this critical stage of development as well as enhance the program’s established training opportunities.

Dr. Dorothy Richardson, as first program director, established The Rice Center as one of the first community-based outpatient infant-parent mental health programs in the Boston area.  Integrating the work of Alicia Lieberman (Infant-Parent Psychotherapy), Stanley Greenspan (Floortime), T. Berry Brazelton (Touchpoints) and George Downing (Video Interaction Therapy), Dr. Richardson developed a unique therapeutic service model that offered a continuum of care to a wide array of families.  Parenting consultations and brief psychotherapeutic interventions to families struggling with typical, yet challenging issues with child behavior, sleep, feeding, regulation and emotion regulation problems, to more complex  multi-system psychotherapeutic interventions for families experiencing more severe issues with trauma, postpartum mood disorders, parents’ mental health disorders, severe developmental delays, foster care and adoption, divorce, or death of a parent.

The BIP closed in July of 2016, and in August of 2016 The Rice Center reopened as a program of The Home for Little Wanderers through Paul Creelan, the Director of The Preschool Outreach Program. The Home is committed to the field of Infant Parent Mental Health and championed our mission to offer psycho dynamically oriented and developmentally informed therapy to individuals, couples, groups and families of young children, age 0-5 years, within the greater-Boston area. Through the comprehensive supports from The Home we are able to continue our work with individuals and families across a continuum of socioeconomic strata and psychosocial experiences, many of whom are of disadvantaged and high stress backgrounds.